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How could expecting a baby or being on maternity/paternity leave affect your mortgage application?

First of all, don’t worry as expecting a baby doesn’t always mean you can't get a mortgage. We have helped many pregnant mums as well as many parents on leave to get mortgages offered.

As always, it is about your income and expenditure when you have had the baby, what plans you have with regards to return to work and what childcare costs, if any, you will be paying for.

Every single lender has a specific criteria about maternity/paternity leave pay. Although having a baby is a personal matter, it affects us in a material way therefore this should be discussed with the lender upfront so we actually select the right lender for you.

Like with being pregnant, when getting a mortgage, complications may sometimes happen and you had better be under a professional care then. If you have an adviser, you can just enjoy the process

If you are planning to buy a house and wish to have a chat, we are here to help.

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