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Relocation, relocation...

What mortgage options do you have if you are moving to a different place in the UK? To get a mortgage you must evidence that you will have income in new place so you can service your mortgage payments.

Your employer may give you a letter of relocation to another branch. This will give lender the confidence that your income will continue. If your job involves working from home, lender will accept this as, naturally, your income won’t be affected by the move.

You could also find a completely new job and as long as new employment contract shows start date within the next

3 months, state the job role, confirm job is permanent (or in some cases fixed term too) and show salary details, some lenders will be ok with that.

Why is this important?

You wouldn’t lend someone thousands of £s without knowing that they will have income to be able to fully repay you, would you? That is why some evidence that you will have a job that is acceptable by mortgage lender is required when you are relocating.

Sometimes, depending on a job role, some lenders can accept that you will be travelling to and from other work locations, but this is assessed on a case by case basis.

Should you have any questions, do get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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