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  • Aga - Mortgage Broker

Wouldn’t it be great to BUILD your own home with just 5% of own deposit?!

A new Government scheme called HELP TO BUILD that will be available in England, will make this possible for many people.

With just 5% deposit and up to 20% (40% in London) of Equity Government Loan, you may be able to get a mortgage to actually build your own home. How good could it be to chose your own location and design?!

The equity loan offered will be based on estimated costs to buy land and build a home.

For more information go to :

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  • Aga - Mortgage Broker

💷Saving – if your house value has increased and your mortgage balance is less than initially, you might be able to get a better interest rate and save on your monthly payments

💰Extra Capital - You might be able to borrow more for other purposes, e.g. new property investment, home improvements, etc.

Time - You might be able to look to reduce your mortgage term and repay your mortgage sooner than initially expected

Whether you are on a variable product or in a fixed deal expiring within the next few months, best thing you can do is to discuss your remortgage with a broker.📞

Let us know if you have any questions.

  • Aga - Mortgage Broker

Every year your mortgage balance is different ,as well as your property can go up or down in value.

Re-mortgage is therefore a great opportunity for you to check if you might qualify for a better product, compared to the one you have been on. You could re-mortgage not only if your fixed deal is about to expire but if you are a variable interest rate, you can secure a fix deal too.

Best thing to do is to contact a qualified mortgage adviser to help you select the most suitable solution for you. Why not book your re-mortgage appointment with us?

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