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A ghost insurance broker.

If you have been offered an insurance policy for unusually low premium monthly, you may have fallen a victim of a GHOST INSURANCE BROKER.

Did you know that there are firms calling round and manipulating clients’ personal and medical information to lower the potential cost of insurance policy? They set it up for a customer and then they disappear... Client normally finds out that his insurance won’t pay out at the worst time – when they need to claim….

Their broker turns to be nowhere around then and there is no payout possible. A typical ghost broker method is to declare incorrect medical information at the time of application (smoker status, medical history or weight) so insurance provider offers the policy cheaper but then, when client needs to claim, their full medical records are checked and claim gets rejected.

Make sure you speak to a qualified adviser, don’t be shy to ask for their FCA registration reference to check their records. It’s also important to read the application summary when it is posted to you at the application stage as you will be able to detect any inconsistencies then. Be vigilant! if something seems too good to be true, it's likely it's manipulated.

If you did buy a ‘cheap’ looking policy, get in touch with us for a full audit of the case. We review your policy free of charge and for your peace of mind. #ScamAlert #insurance #fraudprotection

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