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How do you prepare to view houses before you decide to make an offer?

Housing market is still very active and there are many customers who, despite the very unprecedented times, decide to move house or buy their first home.

Some of us may have realised during lockdown that they need more space, so they want to buy a bigger house. Others, who have enough deposit saved up, may have decided to take the first step now as it is hard to predict what market will be like in the coming months.

What questions should you ask the sellers or estate agents that will be important for your mortgage and purchase process?

Here’s a list of a few questions you might ask: - Why is the house for sale and have its owners (vendors) already moved out or are they also in the process of buying (in a chain)? - Are the sellers ready to negotiate on price? – lucky if you are doing a viewing with the owners so you can ask them direct - How old is the property? - Is it a freehold or a leasehold property? - If it is a leasehold, how long lease is left in years? - Is this property of standard construction? If non-standard – what type is it? - How long has this house been for sale now?

Above are just a few questions which may be crucial in the buying process.

Remember, the best thing you could do, is to speak to an independent mortgage broker who will also make sure you are mortgage assessed and so when you are asked questions about your capacity for mortgage, you will also have all your answers and documents ready.

If you have any questions, contact us for a free initial chat.

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