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Don't DIY!

The Internet is a very powerful and helpful tool when it comes to many things in life. More and more lenders offer online calculations, quick decisions in principles and quoting systems so what could go wrong if you wanted to sort out your mortgage this way?!

In many cases it may be possible to get an online indication of a mortgage affordability or to check interest rates but, unless you wish to take all responsibility for any issues in the application process, and, unless you are absolutely sure you have a thorough understanding of lenders’ requirements and criteria, you may get a very unpleasant surprise and not quite the outcome you want.

Buying a house is a serious financial transaction and perhaps best to leave this to a qualified advisor to deal with the mortgage application.

By doing your mortgage application yourself, you might end up with a more expensive rate, you might lose money and time by going for the incorrect lender and getting declined, you might damage your credit score and finally you might completely jeopardise your purchase.

You would probably not extract your own tooth as certain things be best left to professionals;)

Nowadays when lenders keep changing criteria and when nothing is guaranteed to not change unexpectedly, it is too much of a gamble to Do It Yourself.

If you have any mortgage related enquiries, do get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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