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The Ins and Outs of Property Valuations

What is Basic Mortgage Valuation?

When you are in the process of applying for a mortgage, a lender will want to know that the house is worth the price you have agreed to pay for it and that it is in an acceptable condition to lend on it. They send a suitably qualified surveyor to check these aspects and do a report which helps them take a decision whether or not to offer. This process is called Mortgage Valuation.

Who pays for Mortgage Valuation Report?

Many lenders offer this report free of charge or for an agreed fee and if they do charge, then it is the buyer who will have to pay.

Will I get a copy of the report?

Usually, lenders keep it to themselves only, so buyers do not get a copy. It is a report that is done for the benefit of the lender to see if it is worth lending on the property.

What report can I get as a buyer?

As a buyer, it is recommended that you engage a surveyor to carry out so called ‘Home Buyers Report’. It is a more detailed document about the condition of the property.

How can a Homer Buyers Report help me?

Once you have done this type of report, you will have a more detailed view on potential future repairs and on existing condition that might cost you in the long run. This, in turn, can help you re-negotiate the price or take an informed decision on what value for money you are actually getting.

What does a Home Buyers Report check?

It normally looks at internal and external features of the property and checks things like heating system, drainage, water services, energy efficiency rating, roof, windows, damp, insulation etc.

How will I know something needs attention?

Homebuyer’s report is colour coded so if anything is marked amber or red, should get your attention as it will indicate there is an issue that might be faulty or in need of repair.

Do I have to do Home Buyers Report?

No, it is not obligatory or required by lenders, but it is recommended if you want to know more about the condition of the house you are buying.

Who pays for this report?

You, as a buyer will need to pay for it, and its cost varies so best get a few quotes to compare.

Will I get a copy of this report?

Yes, you do get a copy of this report, but you don’t need to show it to the lender.

When should I consider a Building Survey?

This type of report is usually recommended to be done on older or larger properties or the ones that you plan to do major building work on. This is the most detailed, most comprehensive and most expensive survey done out of the ones mentioned here.

Where do I find a surveyor qualified to carry out a Home Buyer Report or a Building Survey?

Some lenders offer discounted price for surveys done by their designated surveyors so you may want to discuss this with your broker or, if a lender you are using doesn’t offer this option, then you will find a suitably qualified surveyor under this link:

We hope you find this article helpful and if you have any mortgage or house-buying related queries, do contact us and we will be happy to help.

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