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The easiest way to get a mortgage in Covid times

Covid-19 has really shaken all aspects of our life and taking a mortgage may feel like walking through maze these days!

You may easily get lost looking at options and frequently changing lenders' criteria...😕

The rules on mortgages keep changing daily whether it be employment assessment or affordability criteria, the way lenders look at self-employed income, changing interest rates, different rules on deposit amounts and sources that are acceptable - it is really hard to keep up with all this when you are on your own. The last thing you want it to waste your time and nerves and risk being declined by the lender.

But don't worry, we can minimise the risk and eliminate all the stress and frustration by finding the most suitable deal for you.🧐

We speak to lenders daily and get their updates so you will have the peace of mind and enjoy the excitement of your new home👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🏡

Speak to us - we will take you step by step on your home ownership journey.

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