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I have made an offer and it’s been accepted – what do I do next?!!!

Buying a house is surely something that we plan well in advance rather than a spontaneous shopping spree.

Of course, one can browse through properties online but, to make an offer, one should at least first have a consultation with a broker to know how much they can afford to borrow, to check their credit report and to know that their deposit is enough.

These are all individual factors that need to be taken into consideration before making an offer. Having no time to discuss your purchase is a very poor excuse which can cost you not only losing a dream home but can give you lots of stress and disappointment.

More often than not, estate agents want to see us as serious buyers who are prepared in advance and they expect us to present them with a decision in principle document on making an offer.

Best leave the preparation stage to a professional rather than DIY this step as you may harm your credit score and have no gain anyway. A broker knows all lenders and their criteria and will carefully select the one that meets your needs.

As market is very busy, there is lots of competitive buyers who may have already seen a broker and who are better prepared. Be one of them, be wise!

If you wish to discuss your circumstances in preparation for buying, feel free to contact us.

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