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Have you ever heard of Credit Score Protection?

Credit score check is a crucial element of house buying process. A good mortgage broker should check credit report prior to submitting a mortgage application as this document can help select the right lender and avoid hurdles in a house buying process.

The times we face currently might create extra financial pressures on many of us. Whether you are employed or self-employed you may be challenged by loss of income, you may struggle to meet your credit commitments, which, as a result, may damage your credit score. Your health is also never guaranteed so being unable to work due to illness may force you to take decisions that will affect your credit score and your ability to be able to re-mortgage or buy a house in future.

If you have never heard of credit score protection, we encourage you to speak to us to see what is available that might prevent you from drastically affecting your credit score during times when you won’t be able to work due to health reasons.

We now offer online video consultations to answer any questions you might have

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