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Could you qualify for a Green Mortgage Deal?

As we advise clients daily on the most suitable mortgage deals, we notice more and more so called ‘green mortgage deals’. What are they then and could you qualify for one?

With our country facing a cost-of-living crisis and many of us looking for ways to save up, these types of deals are becoming more and more popular.

Green mortgage deals are typically available for properties with Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of either A, B or C and they usually offer a better dea/lower interest rate. Green deals can be used for both home purchase as well as re-mortgage.

Another benefit of having an energy efficient home is that generally it should cost you less in bills so promoting ‘green’ should be even more important nowadays.

The trouble is, that many customers don’t even know where to check their house’s EPC so they may not realise that a ‘green deal’ could be for them.

There comes a challenge however, if your home does not prove to be energy efficient, because the work that would need to be done to improve the EPC turns out to be quite expensive for many home owners.

If you are looking for the most suitable product for you, best thing to do is to speak to a broker to help you arrange your purchase or remortgage.

We are happy to help with your enquiries.

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