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5% deposit mortgages are returning to the market - good news for buyers!

More positive news for buyers who can only put forward a smaller, 5%, deposit. More and more lenders have announced returning with products designed for this purpose.

So far there are only a couple of lenders willing to lend to buyers with such a small deposit for mortgage and their criteria differ but we can confirm that there are options now available if: - You only have 5 % deposit - You are not furloughed - Your credit score is pretty good and there is no adverse elements on your credit file - You are a First time Buyer - You are happy to go for the rates between 3.99% and 4.5%

It is very positive to see more and more lenders considering return to small deposit mortgages.

We are very busy and taking bookings for availability for at least a week in advance so Book Your Appointment to avoid Disappointment!

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